Pura Vida Babes!

You guys I am seriously so sorry that I have been MIA. To tell you the truth my life has just been a little bit hectic in Costa Rica for the past several weeks. I literally have 16 more days in San Jose! WHAT! As I type that out I’m mentally freaking out about how fast the time has gone. In some ways I’m really excited to get back home. I’m graduating this fall and I’m so stoked about what’s in store for me. At the same time I’m sad that my time in Costa Rica is almost coming to an end. In the next few days I’m gonna try my best to post consistently so that I can share some of my stories of my journey here.

With that being said, Let’s jump into my outfit! So some of my favorite outfits that have inspired me recently has been urban wear. If you don’t know what urban wear is think of black, graphics, camo, cool sneaks, and a snapback hat. Everything about urban wear and urban style is so DOPE! So in honor of this trend, I picked up this graphic, black fringe top and paired it with my boyfriend jeans.

Black Fringe Top

To complete my look I added a tropical headpiece and some champagne colored sneaks.

Tropical Headband and Hoop Earrings

Headband: Zara

Top: Zara

Jeans: H&M

Sneaks: Zara



Hola Babes!

I’m super excited to share this outfit with y’all today because this was my first official shoot in San Jose, Costa Rica!! Since I’ve been here, I didn’t have the time to do a photoshoot until this past weekend. Shoutout to my host brother Fernando! He took me to downtown San Jose and created photoshoot magic with my camera capturing this pink tropical dress perfectly! But seriously can I take a moment to gush over this dress?! A trend going into this summer is colorful, bold, tropical prints. When I was packing for Costa Rica, I purposely went out to buy pieces that had flowers, birds, palm trees, etc. I particularly adore this dress that I got because first it’s in my favorite color pink and second the intricate details of the dress like the ruffled sleeves and the colorful palm leave print adds so much character to the dress.

To complete my outfit I added some fun pink sunnies and a pair of chunky heels.

Dress: Zara

Sunglasses: Forever 21

Shoes: Chinese Laundry

Pura Vida Baby!!!

Hola Y’all! If you are not aware I am currently in San Jose, Costa Rica studying abroad for 3 months. Crazy right?! What’s even crazier is that I don’t speak a lick of Spanish. Like Nada! Lol! But honestly it’s ok. I came to Costa Rica because I wanted an adventure. I wanted to do something completely out my comfort zone and actually be a person who says yes to every opportunity thrown my way. So long story short I am now here in San Jose!

Vibing with pretty flowers on my way too school.

The program I came with is called Veritas Christian Study Abroad which is a division of International Studies Abroad (ISA). Through Veritas not only do I get to study abroad but I get to do mission work as well. For my program in Costa Rica it gives me the opportunity to work with sex trafficking victims here in San Jose. If you know me you know that helping sex trafficking victims is my heart and is what I want to dedicate my life too. So having the opportunity to do that here in Costa Rica motivated me more to come here.

My University!

I have now officially been here for a little over a week now and it has been one hell of a ride already! First and foremost I love it in San Jose. The place is beautiful, the people are so warm and kind, and the culture is truly Pura Vida. Pure Vida meaning pure life, more than a saying but in everything a way of life down here. It’s something I am still getting used too but I am embracing it entirely. I have had some major help along the way with my host family and my roommates. My host family and my roommates have been nothing but kind and super supportive. They have taught me some Spanish, taken me to school, help me run errands etc. Seriously, I could not have survived my first week here without them!

My Host Home.

In the matter of a few days I’ve settled into my new home, toured San Jose, started classes, and traveled out of the country to Panama! Overwhelmed?! ¬†Hell yeah! But would I want to be doing anything else?! Absolutely not!

Lots of Love – Oyinda